Some culinary inspiration @ your library

Yesterday, the STU Library hosted its first event of the spring term and it proved to be a great one! The library presented Chef Trina Spillman from The Need to Feed, inc., an organization that is taking on hunger in South Florida through community gardening initiatives and education. Chef Spillman demonstrated a couple of recipes to make a quick, healthy entrée. First, she showed us a fresh take on Pasta Bolognese by showing how to make a Vegetable Bolognese to serve over fresh pasta. This was followed by a recipe for a tasty chicken marinade that can be used to add flavor to kebabs or a simple stir-fry. The results were delicious!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also learned some great tips to avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen and learned how to easily prepare a green pepper.

Chef Spillman taught us that:

  • We should always use separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables when preparing meals.
  • Meats should be placed on the lower level of the fridge to avoid juices spilling onto other items and spreading bacteria. Produce should be placed on the top levels.
  • We should always be wary of eating foods that have fallen into the temperature danger zone–below 41°F for cold items, such as potato salads, and above 145°F for hot items, such as meat dishes.

If you missed this event, stay tuned for future events!


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