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About St. Thomas University Library

The University Library is a resource center where learning is experienced in solitude, in connection, in community. It serves as the University’s source of support and instruction in research and information literacy. Moreover, it partners with local, regional and international organizations to provide quality services, and to link the University with the Archdiocese and the larger community of learners. University faculty and library staff work together to develop and maintain a curricular-and-Mission-centered collection. Furthermore, the Library exists as a repository for and gateway to the expanding wealth of electronic media, while housing and making available the continuing asset of traditional material.


The University Library strives to be an approachable, accessible, service oriented organization sensitive to its users’ needs. It aspires to make a positive long-term difference in the lives of individuals by empowering them to access, evaluate and use diverse information existing in multiple formats. Furthermore, the Library works toward creatively using technology to support and inspire education, service and scholarship of the highest caliber, and to deliver service to the community of learners where and when they need it.

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